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Most of these documents and forms are specific to expeditions organised within the City of Edinburgh Council.

Starting Out

DofE Centre administration

Expedition Planning and Training resources

We have a range of training resources available for training sessions. These have been developed by FOTA as well as by volunteers within our network.

Expedition Planning and Notification

Approved Providers

If you wish to use a Provider to deliver expeditions, they must appear on both of these lists:

Expedition Notification Forms

Every DofE expedition and training excursion must be approved by the City of Edinburgh Council’s Sports and Outdoor Learning Unit. You should notify using one of these forms, as well as a risk assessment and a route map:

  • EX3single Excursion, not overnight, where all adventurous activities are delivered by an Approved Provider
  • EX4single Excursion delivered by staff/volunteers or any overnight excursion
  • EX3multi Programme of non-overnight excursions for a group of young people, where all adventurous activities are delivered by an Approved Provider
  • EX4multi Programme of excursions for a group of young people, including overnights, where adventurous activities are delivered by the same team of staff, volunteers and/or Providers

Risk Assessment templates

DofE Wild Country Expedition Areas

Any expedition taking place in areas that DofE defines as Wild Country must be notified to DofE using a Green Form for each individual team of 4-7 participants. You can create a Green Form through eDofE for each team, then download and complete it, and send it along with route maps for each team to the designated Expedition Network Co-ordinator.

Key Information & Consent forms

  • KICsingle parental consent form for specific excursions
  • KICannual parental consent form for routine Category 1 and 2 excursions (not adventurous activities)
  • KICadult information form for adult supervisors
  • KICmed medical information form
  • KICbld parental declaration to withhold consent for blood transfusions

Emergency Procedures

Vehicle Hire

DofE Centres within the City of Edinburgh Council can hire vehicles for use on expeditions via the Council at low costs. Drivers must hold a CEC Driver Permit.