Friends of the Award

Supporting Young People to Achieve

FOTA Inspire

FOTA Inspire is the name of the training and consultancy service at FOTA Edinburgh and the Lothians. It builds on the work of that team but aims to go beyond that to create a support service for all FOTAs or DofE support organisations.

A series of Best Practice Guides covering areas of DofE support. These can be downloaded for free :

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Organisational Development and Support:

Here at FOTA E&L we have been developing our services in supporting DofE since 1998. You can consult us for all aspects of establishing a DofE support group similar to ours:

Developing New Delivery Models:

We have experience in several exciting areas, where we are always trying to extend the reach of the DofE; to prove it’s positive impact on more and more young people:

  • DofE and CAMHS (Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service)
  • DofE and YOS (Youth Offending Services)
  • DofE and Kinship Care (Social Services)

We have several partnerships that we have established over the years.