Following on from the success of our central Red Phone Box, Friends of the Award is now expanding the Red Phone Box network, establishing satellite Red Phone Boxes across Edinburgh.

The Red Phone Box initiative is a way of getting young people, who do not fit comfortably into other DofE groups, involved in the DofE programme. In particular, the Red Phone Box meets the needs of young people leaving formal education, being released from supervision or care and making the, often difficult, transition from adolescence to adulthood.

These young people attend one-to-one sessions and are supported through their DofE programme by dedicated mentors. The meetings are organised around the lifestyles of each participant and are run on an appointment basis.

By extending the Red Phone Box initiative the opportunities for these young people will grow and grow. The Red Phone Boxes will become more localised and, as a result, less intimidating and more incompatible to the lifestyles of the young people attending. In addition, the participants will be able to take advantage of more locally-run activities with which to fulfil their DofE programmes.

The first stage of extending the reach of the Red Phone Box initiative has been in collaboration with community libraries and Council Community Development Officers. Now we’re consulting with FOTA’s partner organisations who already support marginalised young people to establish further Red Phone Boxes across the city and to broaden our reach. It is hoped that by taking this multi-agency approach, the young people at the heart of the programme will have the best provision for their development and their future success, not least in undertaking their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.